We ❤️ social liberalism!

Folkliberalerna (“The People's Liberals”)

wants to become that positive force of change that is needed in politics in Sweden and Europe. We believe in cooperation instead of pitting groups against groups. We do not believe that selfishness and exclusion create prosperity, rather it is created and maintained by cooperation and creativity.

Our policies are based on individual freedom, rights and responsibility.

Our future requires a sustainable development, a stimulating business environment and humanistic social liberal values.

We believe in solidarity and cooperation, not selfishness and exclusion.
We believe in the greatness of every person, no matter how small they feel.
We stand firm in our social liberal values, we do not abandon our ideological foundation.

We are now working on building new policies for the future. Our aim is to build those from the ground up.

Our colours:

Purple - a mix of red and blue - we are neither left nor right, we have gone past that stage and think outside the box,
Green - a colour associated with the environment and climate, but also with liberalism,
Yellow - ​is associated with liberalism in many countries.

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